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We are an online Christian-based private school.

Our programs serve a wide variety of students. First, our Online High School Diploma program serves adults age 18 and older. In addition, we provide an Online K-12 program that serves students 17 and under.

Online High School Diploma

Our online H.S. diploma program is perfect for adults who want to conveniently earn their diploma and live a better life!

Broady Academy Graduation

After completing the online program, Broady Academy graduates walk the stage at our graduation ceremony in San Antonio, TX. 

Enroll in our program today, and this could be you and your family at our next graduation ceremony.


Our Online K-12 Homeschooling Program is perfect for parents that want to take control of their child's education.

Online K-12 Homeschooling

The Broady curriculum covers all required subjects, including: Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Language Arts, and over 12 electives.

We are Accredited

Over 7,000

Students Graduated from E.L. Broady Academy

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Learn more about the graduation ceremony in San Antonio, TX and how to reserve your spot.

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"So appreciative to have had this opportunity! I thought I missed my chance but I was wrong. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals!"
Angel MArie

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