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“Everyone can achieve”

Emma Lee Broady’s educational journey was rooted in San Antonio, Texas.  She graduated from Phyllis Wheatley High School May 31, 1945.  After beginning her post secondary studies at St. Phillip’s College, Mrs. Broady attended Prairie View A&M and she graduated on May 21, 1950 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Home Economics.  For 22 years she continued to impact the lives of young people while teaching at Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Mrs. Broady had an unwavering faith in God and in the value of education.  She believed that everyone could achieve.  The School’s motto, “It’s Never Too Late To Graduate” was a theme she exemplified to the many people who crossed her path.  Though she has gone to be with our Lord, Mrs. Broady would be delighted to know that her passion for the success of others continues to live on through the school which bears her name. We salute the life of this inspiring black woman who through faith and dedication blazed the trail for others to follow.  

Our Mission

Emma Lee Broady Academy is to engage and develop students in an innovative, challenging, individualized, and career oriented learning environment that prepares graduates to thrive as tomorrow’s leaders, workers, and citizens in an ever changing, technology rich, and global society.

Our Vision

Emma Lee Broady Academy is to be the most career oriented, innovative, and academically challenging virtual school in the country.

School that works for you! No matter where you are, or what your schedule is, Broady is there.

E. L. Broady Academy has always been dedicated to its students, and provides quality education with both on campus and online educational opportunities. Our on campus school gives our younger students a quality education based on an entrepreneurial foundation. Meanwhile adult learners can complete online the high school diploma that may have eluded them over previous years.

Our online network offers a top quality researched based educational platform and student support Broady is known for; providing a flexible and accredited online school that allows each and every learner to reach their potential.

The flexibility and immediate feedback of the Broady Academy delivery system ensures challenging, efficient and effective learning for our learners on the go. Our learners can use desktops, laptop, tablets, and in many cases Smartphones to complete required work off campus. Our instructive courses are taught, monitored and supported by highly qualified educators; proven in the classroom environment.

We embrace the fact that each student has a particular learning style and that each person’s circumstances are different. Therefore, we employ creativity when designing learning environments that focus on learner needs.

With the option to enroll your student by grade level, or select particular courses to supplement a home school, private school or standard curriculum, there is no reason to wait. Enroll now or reach out to our team to find out what the Broady School has in store for your student.

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