What’s Better: GED or High School Diploma?

What’s Better: GED or High School Diploma?

It seems that there may be some confusion around the difference between the GED and high school diploma. It may come as a surprise that the GED is not the equivalent of a high school diploma. GED stands for General Educational Development and is nothing more than a test.  In fact, the NPR reported that GED recipients have no better access to opportunities than high school dropouts.

But, it’s only fair that we present the pros and cons of both a GED and high school diploma.

Along with the analysis above, the chart below further demonstrates the advantages of earning a high school diploma.

Jobs by designated education level of occupations, May 2013

While, there are pros and cons for both the GED and high school diploma, the picture is clear that a high school diploma is the better deal for students. A high school diploma grants a graduate access to many more opportunities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that individuals with a high school diploma earn, on average, $1,600 more than those with a GED.

It’ important also to note that college students are overestimating their starting salaries, according to a study conducted by LendEDU. So it’s important for college grads to set realistic expectations.

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