One of the Best Private Schools in San Antonio

One of the Best Private Schools in San Antonio

One of the Best Private Schools in San Antonio

Private schools are growing in popularity is the U.S. and San Antonio. E.L. Broady Academy is the best because it offers a twist.

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Private schools are growing in popularity in America. In fall 2018, 5.9 million students were enrolled in a private school. This made up roughly 10 percent of students in the U.S. San Antonio has embraced the popularity wave of private schools. For the 2018 school year, there were 115 private schools in San Antonio.

More and more parents are choosing private school for their children for a variety of reasons including safety, access to a more flexible curriculum, and improving child’s academic performance. In fact, according to a Gallup analysis, private school graduates outperformed students that graduated from public schools in seeking out experiential learning and extracurricular opportunities in college.

“According to a Gallup analysis, private school graduates outperformed students that graduated from public schools in seeking out experiential learning and extracurricular opportunities in college.”

Broady Academy is the Best Online Private School

When most people think of a private school, they usually imagine a structured, uniformed environment, often in a religious institution. While that may have been the tradition, technology has opened opportunities for alternative private schools. Who would have thought that parents could one day choose an online private school for their child, allowing them to receive a quality education from home. You may be thinking, “sounds a lot like homeschool.” Well, homeschool is essentially that right, an online private school? There are many alternative, online private school programs like Broady Academy available throughout the U.S.

There is one school designed specifically for San Antonio, TX students. That school is the E.L. Broady Academy. The school has graduated over 7,000 students from the San Antonio area. That success rate alone is enough to support why Broady Academy is the best private school in San Antonio.

Broady Academy offers 2 online programs. The first is the K-12 program. Then there is the Adult High School Diploma program that allows adults to return to school and receive their Diploma. By the way, a high school diploma holds more value than the GED. Parents and students love that E.L. Broady Academy offers an alternative approach to private school, and it’s no surprise because who doesn’t love working from the comfort of home?

Benefits of Private School at Home

Here are some benefits of the private school experience at home:

1. Safety

In 2018, a poll by PDK found that 34 percent of parents feared their child’s safety in school. By May 2018, there had already been 23 school shootings where someone had been hurt or killed. That statistic alone is enough to put fear into parents. Bullying is also on the rise in public and private schools. In a report released by YouthTruth, 40 percent of middle school students and 27 percent of high school students said they were bullied last year. 

As an alternative to brick-and-mortar private schools, E.L. Broady Academy assures your child’s safety because they will learn from the safety of your home.

2. Parental control of curriculum

Unlike traditional public and private schools, Broady Academy allows parents to exercise flexibility in what they teach their child. Parents select what their child learns from Broady’s curriculum list, which includes an additional 18 elective courses to be matched with the learner’s interests. Many parents have expressed appreciation for the ability to influence what, and how their child learns.

3. Work at own pace  

Another benefit of Broady Academy is the ability for students to work at their own pace. This especially applies for San Antonio students enrolled in the adult high school diploma program. As adults, going back to school is a tough decision because you have to add coursework into your already busy schedule. Work, taking care of the house, and caring for children, make it difficult to find time to complete assignments. But thanks to Broady Academy, adults can complete the coursework at their own pace.

4. Improved academic performance

There is the ongoing debate of whether or not private school students fare better in comparison to their public school counterparts. Well, according to an article by Time, private-school students do outperform public-school students on the SAT. Other studies show a higher percentage of private school students graduating from college.

Features of San Antonio's Best Private School

So here are the features of the E.L. Broady Academy, the best online private school experience, built especially for San Antonio students.

  • Robust online platform offering a menu of over 50 courses
  • Over 18 elective courses matched to learner interests
  • San Antonio parents can control the selection, pace, and order of course delivery
  • Assistance with formal assessment mandates in Texas
  • Official document preparation individualized for the homeschooling family
  • Mentoring services

From coursework to grades and instructional support, everything is online at Broady Academy. For students that have already begun school, transferring credits is easy. Adults that have been out of school for several years can still transfer their credits. As mentioned earlier, one of the greatest benefits of an online private school experience is the ability for students to customize their coursework from a list of over 50 courses.

Features of San Antonio's Best Private School

Broady Academy is one of the few online private schools available for all types of students, no matter their age or background. Take a look at some of the students Broady supports on a daily basis

  • Current home school students in San Antonio and throughout the U.S.
  • Students in need of tutoring
  • Prepare for high stakes tests such as the SAT, ACT, or ASVAB
  • Homebound students (for medical and other reasons)
  • Traveling students
  • Athletes and performers
  • Advanced students looking to expand their existing curriculum
  • Students having difficulty in a traditional school environment
  • Military family
  • Students looking to make up or gain extra credits 
  • San Antonio adults who need to complete their high school diploma

Clearly there is an advantage for students attending private school. But the success rate and online component of Broady Academy makes it the best private school in San Antonio. Enrolling in Broady Academy is fast and easy. Once you submit your application, an admission specialist will contact you.

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