Online homeschooling: COVID-19 Relief

Online homeschooling with teacher support for students impacted by COVID-19 school closings

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E.L. Broady Academy is a Texas and North Carolina registered Christian private school. For over 10 years, we have excelled in providing a quality, online homeschooling learning environment for students. In the midst of this nationwide crisis, we wish to restore hope in families by providing an affordable opportunity for students to continue learning at their current grade level with the added support of a teacher. 

Purpose of the Program:

  • To provide a self contained curriculum and support for parents that want a one stop shop for their child yo finish the school year
  • To provide tutoring support for students if necessary
  • If parents want to use our curriculum, we will enroll their child, provide an assessment by subject, then assign the course work to allow them to finish the school year.

The program

Qualified Teachers

Your child is assigned a dedicated teacher to provide guidance and updates on your child's performance

Diagnostic Test

Every new student takes a diagnostic test which is used to shape their course-plan

Common Core Curriculum

We can provide a tailored program that meets the standards of TX, NC and U.S. Common Core

Program Overview

This online program is for students in grades 1-12. Your child can learn and complete coursework using a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone


Online Homeschooling Tuition - COVID-19 Relief

Now even more affordable for families impacted by COVID-19 school closings -- ONE-TIME $99 per family


one time payment per family


Frequently asked questions

Tuition: One time payment of 99.00 per family (covers all children, grades 1-12. No other payment due during the COVID-19 period.

Parents will oversee the completion of school work online and the student school work schedule. Our teachers will help assess, monitor, and adjust school work. 

Our lessons are automatically graded, self paced, and designed for independent work. However, if your student needs tutoring, you can purchase tutoring on a month to month basis for $50.00 per month. 

Each student will receive a log in name and a password. Students will be given a diagnostic test in up to 4 subjects as applicable. Based on the results, their work will be assigned for the 4 core subjects; math, science, English, and social studies. 

Our curriculum is Study Island We are nationally accredited by the National Association of Private Schools.

Curriculum: NC, TX, and US Common Core

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