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The Broady Experience ​

Learners will benefit from an online curriculum as part of the blended environment.  We realize that no two students are the same and a productive education depends on a highly personalized, student-centric model. The old factory model of one size fits all is costly both in wasted resources and in mismatched post-secondary pursuits.  Former U. S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan stated “The factory model of education is the wrong model for the 21st century.  Today our schools must prepare all students for college and careers and do more to personalize instruction and employ the smart use of education.”

A Better Way to Learn

Our campus is Christ centered. Chapel is held during the week and the Bible is taught as part of the curriculum. The theme of our campus will be entrepreneurial in context.  Learners will explore the meshing of their interests into businesses in addition to careers.  Learners will participate as entrepreneurs in the school organization Young Anointed Business Owners (YABO).

Learners will work online based on their needs and learning abilities.  Students may work at different levels based on their academic level.  Our teachers will work with the classes in groups as well but students will be encouraged to move at their own pace within the campus semester.  Learners that complete courses may move on to the next course on their graduation plan and may advance based on completion versus moving in “factory” instruction model.  Additionally, the on campus model will be enhanced by frequent and meaningful field experiences to gather archives that will be processed and presented in the classroom environment both individually and in groups.

Coaching and Guidance

The campus faculty is highly qualified, motivated, and caring advocates of blended learning. Students are encouraged engage in debates, conversations, and presentations both orally and digitally.

Students enrolled on the school campus can expect feedback and instruction from their adviser and/or mentor throughout their enrollment. Students will receive:

  • E-mail correspondence

  • Text messages & phone calls

  • One on one conferences

  • Webinars

  • Pacing initiatives and goal setting

  • Online office hours

  • Check-ins to discuss progress, scheduling and completion

Parent Interaction

Broady Academy believes that family is the best support system, which is why we work with parents to help them become a guiding voice in their child’s education. Parents are able to monitor progress, check grades and evaluate their student’s academic strengths with the help of Broady’s online system. 

Parent conferences are held periodically to address learner progress.  Parents are expected to give volunteer hours and to be frequent visitors and chaperones on school trips.

Online K-12: The Broady curriculum covers all required subjects, including Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Language Arts, and over 12 electives.

Enrollment Options ​

Full Time Student K-12

Broady advisers will set up your learner’s course of study based on our private school grade/graduation requirements.  Highly qualified teachers will lead the educational experience by semester.  Our online students attend school based on a six semester year round school year.  Learners may take up to four courses per semester.

Credit Recovery

Parents and learners can opt for credit recovery or take individual courses in order to make up for lost credits or to lighten the load in the traditional school setting. Credit recovery students may normally take up to two courses per semester unless an exception is approved by the principal.

Home School Support

Broady Academy is uniquely qualified to assist parents that want a research based foundational curriculum for home education.  The advantages of our home school support include:

  •       Robust online platform offering a menu of over 50 courses

  •       Parents can control the selection, pace, and order of course delivery

  •       Over 18 elective courses matched to learner interests

  •       Assistance with formal assessment requirements mandated by respective states for home schooling parents. 

  •       Official document preparation individualized for the homeschooling family

  •       Mentoring services available as needed

  •       Formal assessment preparation (SAT, ACT, ASVAB, TSI, etc.)


Broady Academy offers online tutoring for all ages.  With our model, parents no longer have to take their learner to the tutor and find ways to spend the time waiting for the one-hour session to be completed.  Our model gives the learner more time on task and the family more flexibility since the tutoring happens at home.

Our tutoring program offers:

  •       Diagnostic testing previous school work evaluation

  •       Work from home

  •       Online mentor

  •       Suggestions for parent involvement

A Better Way to Learn

Broady students might not be working in a classroom, but the school’s support and instruction are blended and interactive. When your child is enrolled in one or more of Broady’s online courses, you and your student will have access to advisers, mentors, administrators, and other Broady students. With a friendly and helpful staff waiting by, you can call, e-mail or reach us through our Learning Management System and we will respond to you promptly.

Coaching and Guidance

Our mentors and advisers are highly qualified, motivated, and caring advocates of   online learning. Students are encouraged to reach out to their mentor/adviser for assistance when the need arises. With our technology based learning materials, dedicated staff, and our expansive network of education resources, there is no better place to begin or continue your non-traditional education than at E. L. Broady Academy.

Students enrolled in the Broady Online program can expect feedback and instruction from their adviser and/or mentor throughout their enrollment. Students will receive:

  • E-mail correspondence

  • Text messages & phone calls

  • Webinars

  • Pacing initiatives and goal setting

  • Online office hours

  • Check-ins to discuss progress, scheduling and completion

The professionals at Broady are here to make your child’s learning experience as productive and engaging as possible, helping design the layout for your student’s success. Any questions you might have regarding applicable courses, scheduling conflicts, or parent interaction can be answered by your advisers who are available to both students and parents alike. As students move towards the completion of a course or program, they will be given the necessary instruction on the next step in their educational journey, depending on what their plans are for higher education and a career. 

Broady and Your Family ​

Broady Academy courses can work as your student’s full-time schooling or as a blended online supplement to another educational program. These are some of the students that Broady supports on a daily basis:

  • Current home school students
  • Students in need of tutoring
  • Students preparing for high stakes tests such as the SAT, ACT, or ASVAB
  • Homebound students (for medical and other reasons)
  • Students that spend time traveling
  • Athletes and performers
  • Advanced students looking to expand their existing curriculum
  • Students having difficulty in a traditional school environment
  • Students looking to make up or gain extra credits
  • Students with family serving in the military
  • Adults who need to complete their high school diploma  

Broady and partnerships

Broady is also available to educational entities to compliment traditional classes and assist students on campus.  We work with traditional private schools to provide elective courses.

Whether you want to enroll a group of students for career related courses or commission us to help a group of students complete their high school diploma; Broady Academy has the right curriculum and staff for your academic needs.

Post Secondary educators partner with Broady Academy to develop programs that help potential enrollees garner a high school diploma in lieu of a GED. Broady Academy has  supported numerous career schools across the nation.

Non-Profit Organizations partner with Broady Academy in order to meet the educational requirements of their grants.  In the past, Broady Academy has established partnerships organizations such as Urban Strategies, and YouthBuild.

For more information about how we can help your group, contact us directly at: info@broadyacademy.net

Here's How It Works

1. Submission

Submit enrollment forms along with your down payment

2. Admissions

An Admissions Specialist will contact you

3. confirmation

Acceptance into program will be confirmed during call

You will be assigned a Log On Name and User Id. You will use these credentials to log into our online course portal for our Study Island and PLATO learning management system. Our advisers will review your previous school records and initiate a high school graduation plan or middle school education plan during a consultation with the student and parent.

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