life resume guide

Complete the Life Resume Guide below

In addition to the 13 core credits we require, you must have 9 elective credits to graduate. We can award elective credits based on your previous school transcript, your past work history and life experiences. We will match your experiences to the following Broady Academy Elective Courses:

Bible as Literature (BL) – Business Communications (BC) – Career Preparation – (CP) Child Development – (CD) – Child Guidance (CG) – Construction Trades (CT) – Family Consumer Science (FC) – Food Service (FS) 

Foreign Language Credit FL1/2 – Medical Training (MT) – Nutrition and Wellness (NW) – OJT 1 – OJT 2 – Personal Fitness (PF) – Photo Journalism (PJ) – Principles of Hospitality (PH) – Retail Services (RS) – Technology (TECH)

Please fill out the Resume Guide Worksheet below. Remember, you have lived your life and done the work, so it is all about acknowledging your accomplishments!  It does not require formal classroom time to earn these credits. We do need you to send proof for the experiences you indicate below but we reserve the right to require proof prior to your graduation.